Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages for Kids

As your kids go back to school, whether in-person or online, take them back to the Bible at the same time with these great free printable bible verse coloring pages. They’re all about gratitude or being thankful as well as Peace and Love. Activities like this lead kids into studying the Bible, remembering it, and you can use these pages for spelling lessons and memory exercises as well as Bible Study opportunities with your children.

Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages on Gratitude

Coloring is an activity kids can do with you or by themselves while learning more about God’s word and the power of gratitude. If you’ve never done a study on the power of gratitude, I highly recommend it. The habit of gratitude and thanksgiving is one we should all develop and these coloring pages give your kids a chance to start that habit with you. Gratitude is a great antidote to selfishness while helping all of us with contentment as we focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have.

The verses have been simplified so that kids can better understand and the Scripture reference is at the bottom of each page so you can work with them to look each one up in the Bible and talk about it. These pages are also wonderful prayer prompts for your kids.

It’s never too early to give your kids a variety of ways to identify with the Word and apply it to their own lives. Memory verses will stay with them for a lifetime. Scripture Prompts can be called Reminders About God’s Word or any term that you and your children identify with. You can show them the Scripture Prompts you use along with the coloring pages that help you.

Some Free Printable BIble Verse Coloring Pages For You

While your kids are coloring, you can join them with these beautiful free printable bible verse coloring pages just for you! One set is Scriptures about Peace, which we can always use more of. The other is about God’s Love and we always need to be reminded of the marvelous love of God that is poured out on all of us.

Again, these can also be used with your younger kids. Print two sets and color them together or use them as prompts for peace and God’s love. Let your kids color them and then go to the Word. This is all about how to study your Bible now and helping your kids learn to do the same. If your child doesn’t have a Bible, 12 Wonderful Bibles For Children will help you find one they will enjoy, learn, and grow with.

Color these images and hang one or more somewhere in your home where your whole family can see them. It’s not about how well they’re colored – it’s all about what the verse says. Let your children know that you’re memorizing the verse this week and challenge them to see who can also memorize it. Just click on the images below to download and print.

Click Here to Download Both

Other Tips for Using Free Printable Coloring Pages For Kids

  1. Use a verse on God’s love to talk about how to show His love in your daily life. If we don’t apply the Word, it cannot work within us. Let your children know how important it is to apply the Word every day. Ask them if they know that God loves them? Then talk about what God’s love means to you and to them.
  2. Carry it with you as a reminder of what you’re focusing on with your family right now. This will help you find opportunities to discuss the verses or the topic with your family, friends, and others you may be around. It’s a natural way for a discussion to start.
  3. Use the verses on peace to talk about the turmoil that’s in our world right now. Make sure that your kids understand what the difference is between the peace that Jesus left us with and the world’s peace. Even older children may have trouble understanding the difference between the two and in order for them to apply it, they need to know how to find God’s peace instead of what the world offers. These free printable bible verse coloring pages are a great way to do this. Even if they don’t want to color them, you can still print it and give it to them to read or pray about.
Click Here to Download the My Gratitude Coloring Book

I’m also going to give you a link to a paid resource. It is inexpensive and will provide you with more options and ideas for your children to choose from. This Kid’s Gratitude Journal by Lessons From Home is only $4.00. Since it’s a journal, it offers your child a different experience. They can learn to journal, write out their prayers, and you can help them see what they are learning over a period of time.

Journaling is a wonderful practice for all of us and Scripture or Bible Journaling helps us remember what we are reading. Then, as we delve deeper into the verse, we begin seeing how we can apply it. A Prayer or Scripture Journal is your record of spiritual growth and understanding of God’s will for your life. A Gratitude Journal will help your child get started on that important journey and they will be encouraged by what they see and learn about themselves and the Word of God.

Ways to Use Your Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Just do a Google search for Free Scripture Printable for Kids and you will find lots of them. You can also omit ‘free’ and you will find many affordable things you can download for kids. Here are some tips on using the free printable bible verse coloring pages for more than just coloring. You can combine fun, learning, and family activities.

Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages For Kids

Family Discussions

I would encourage you to do these exercises as a family as well. If you have family members who don’t like to color, just have a family discussion about the page you and/or your kids have already colored. It’s a great way to help your children learn to discuss openly and see things in new and different ways. Your 15-year-old son will probably view and apply a scripture much differently than his 8-year-old sister. So, times of family discussion are helpful teaching moments.

Coloring Contests

You can do coloring contests to see who gets done first, who uses the most colors, or who has the most fun. Of course, if arguments follow the exercise, you might want to just stick with seeing who has the most fun. Think of other fun ways you can inspire your kids to color.

Find The Verse

Make sure everyone has their Bible and then each one can look up the verse in their own Bible. If there are different translations, it will be fun to hear the same Scripture in a variety of ways. This will also help spark conversation and give your kids practice in finding Books of the Bible along with certain verses.

How To Apply The Verse

If the verse is topical like the ones here, you can have a discussion about the topic and ask your kids questions about how they can apply the topic. For instance, with gratitude, ask them what they can do to show more gratitude to their family or friends. For a verse about peace, you can ask them what they think that means. Or, for older children, you can ask them what things take away their peace and then talk about how to keep your peace in difficult situations.

Find A Similar Verse Challenge

Challenge your children to find another verse on the same topic like gratitude, peace, or God’s Love. If they don’t know how, this will be a great time to introduce them to their Bible Concordance, an adult Study Bible with references, or an online app like, which they can use to find other verses that relate to the verse they have colored. Again, it’s a great exercise in learning how to study your Bible now!

Using Free Printable BIble Verse Coloring Pages For Homeschool

If you’re homeschooling or your kids are doing school online, incorporate these pages into English, Citizenship, and History lessons. They rewrite the verse and practice their spelling. They can see how a verse correlates to daily life and good citizenship. the Bible is a book of history.

How much do your kids know about life in Old Testament times? What was life like when David was King of Israel? What do they know about the cities Jesus visited? They can read historical accounts about cities like Philippi (Book of Philippians) and others to understand what the people’s lives were like. They can also read historical accounts of people in the Bible like Paul, Peter, and others.

These are just a few ideas of how you can use these free printable bible verse coloring pages. I hope you enjoy them and, if you have questions, be sure to email me at –

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