Praise And Worship

Coming Soon! Once a month I will be posting blogs about Praise and Worship including some series on things like the various Tabernacles in the Old Testament and how they apply to us today!

We will look at the Holy of Holies, music in the Bible, and much, much more. Why? I’ve been involved in praise and worship since I was 24. I still play my violin on the worship team in my church today! I’ve played guitar, piano, flute, and violin for worship ministry, have been the worship leader.

Praise and Worship

Right now I’m learning to play the cello so that I can glorify God with yet another instrument through praise and worship. In fact, I have named my cello Zamar which is a word for worship and using an instrument in the Old Testament. It also means ‘to prune.’ We will talk about that later!

We will look at modern worship methods along with the ones used in the Old Testament. There will be videos and podcasts also.

Join me in learning more about what we were created to do – Praise and Worship our God!