Fulfill Your Dreams in 2022

Fulfill Your Dreams in 2022!

I want to encourage you to fulfill your dreams in 2022 by sharing the fulfillment of one of my big dreams. It took a long time to get here, but it happened!

I have been missing in action when it comes to this blog. But, I have an excellent reason! Welcome to 2022 for me includes the writing and publishing of four books. I can hardly believe it, but it’s true! This has been my year to fulfill my dreams. Long ago, God told me to write. I wasn’t sure what that meant, since I was writing Bible Studies and booklets for our church. He spoke again and clarified His intention that I go further. But, at that time, it was just a dream.

I’m sharing my books with you so that you know that God will help you fulfill your dreams. He has helped and guided me to fulfill my dreams and I’m not any different than you are. My greatest desire is to see you encouraged to fulfill your dreams as well.

Two years ago, I published my first book, How to Win After Loss. After many losses in my own life, and observing the pain I saw in many Christians, I wrote the book to address the recovery process, especially in areas of spiritual loss. Things like loss of vision, ministry, friends and more can be devastating. Not to mention the loss of a loved one or loss of a home, belongings, and more. This book has helped many others find their way back after encountering loss. It’s all about how to be a winner after losing something important to you, and perhaps not through any fault of yours. If you’re struggling in any of these areas, I know this book will help you. One book down to fulfill my dreams.

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The second book, published in 2021, is The Gift of Christmas – A Tale of Redemption. This is a short story about a man (not an actual person) named John Campbell who has left his family, church, and God. It’s a story of his redemption as the God of heaven pursued him and used others to draw John back to the side of his Savior and Lord, Jesus. If you want to be encouraged or know of someone who might encouraged by this book, you can purchase it below. Two books to fulfill my dreams.

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The third book was in the works for quite sometime. I had done a blog about how to have the A Heart After God. I realized it should also be a book, and in my Welcome to 2022, it became a reality. David was called a man after God’s own heart. To me, this means David went after God’s heart. He wanted it for his own. In Psalm 51 he recognized the sinful condition of his own heart and asked God to create a clean heart within him. But, in addition to that, other scriptures show us our responsibility to maintain a clean and pure heart. This book will help you to have A Heart After God. Another book to fulfill my dreams.

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My newest book, published in 2022, was a surprise to me. A few years ago, I attended a Writer’s Conference. While we were there, we were asked to pick the genres we thought we would be writing in. I definitely did not choose fantasy. Then one morning, I woke up remembering a dream I had with absolute clarity about two things. The first was the character I dreamt about, and the second was God’s voice telling me to write this book!

So, I wrote Dead Fairy Tales – Into the Battle. It is very suitable for preteen, teen, and young adult readers who enjoy fantasy. It is not filled with violence. Instead, it centers around and Elf named Birdie who grew up thinking she was human. She and the other characters in the book have life struggles as we all do. Every member of the Colony believes in Jesus as their Savior and Lord. The have rejected violence and discrimination. Yes, it’s unusual, but if you enjoy fantasy, here is some that includes Jesus and real life.

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Fulfill Your Dreams

I don’t normally write a blog that’s all about me. However, if any of you have ever had a long delay between the time God told you do something and the time it finally happened, take heart! The first time God spoke to me about writing was back in 2014! My life took a sad turn over the next two years with the death of my beloved husband, Don, and a diagnosis of cancer. In 2018, I went to that Writer’s Conference because I knew it was time to put pen to paper, so to speak. Another book to fulfill my dreams

Fulfill Your Dreams

While your “God thing” might not be writing, whatever it is – don’t give up. Welcome to 2022! Make this your year to take those first steps to fulfill that thing that’s burning down inside of you. Be encouraged to fulfill your dreams.

One of the theme words for this blog is Encouragement. I want to encourage you – breathe that courage into your life – to start. Take the first step. If you don’t know what it is, pray. God is faithful to direct us. Whether He wants you to step into a different job, go back to school, take up a hobby, start a business, share your love with seniors living in retirement centers or assisted living center, or……. There are no limits.

Welcome 2022 by taking a step. If God calls, He enables. So, no matter how you feel about your abilities, we don’t walk by feelings. We walk by faith. Blessings to you as you move forward in 2022 to fulfill your dreams!

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