Do you want a specific Bible translation, a Study Bible, or a Bible geared for children? You will find tips, links, and information about these things and more. Need help picking out a great Bible? Study Your Bible Now can help!

8 Best Men’s Study Bibles

While most Bibles work for men or women, there are Bibles that appeal more to one or the other. The types of Bibles we’ll look at here include Men’s Study Bibles and Reading Bibles for Men. We will not only look at Bibles specifically for men, we will look at best selling Bibles and translations because of their proven appeal. These 8 Best Men’s Study Bibles represent a variety of Bibles and help to find exactly what you need.

22 Best Study Bible for Everyone

22 Best Study Bibles for Everyone

The Bible is still the best-selling book in history. The variety of translations and types is huge. Here we will look at one type – Study Bibles – to find the Best Study Bibles f22 or Everyone. I think every believer should have one Bible they love. After that, have some you use for Study or to carry to church! The most important thing is to have a Bible you will use, read, write in, and wear out!

10 Best Bibles for Women

10 Best Bibles for Women

Why are these the best bibles for women? Some are best-sellers and others are translations that are best sellers. Journaling/Coloring Bibles are a relatively new item and the ones featured here are the best of what is available. In the category of Compact Bibles, there are so many that I chose some that were affordable and reliable translations – best-selling translations. It is wonderful that there are so many great Bibles for women that I couldn’t include all of them here!

12 Awesome Bibles For Children

12 Awesome Bibles For Children

hildren are an amazing asset for parents and children. A Bible is a simple tool adults can use to teach valuable lessons and to discover the treasures of the Word of God with their kids! Most are affordable and all are beneficial. You can purchase a children’s bible or a Bible storybook. You know your child and what they like so I will present a variety of each type of Bible/Storybook for children along with some study helps for older kids and some things for Tweens and Teens. Bibles for children are a special gift because what they learn lasts for a lifetime.