Inspiration For Life Today

In this fast-paced and sometimes confusing and disheartening world, we all need inspiration or – the breath of God and the Holy Spirit. We need it every day. As we are Inspired, we also need to be Empowered, have renewed Imagination, and be Encouraged.

Each one of those 4 words are important in our lives and they are the focus of Inspiration For Life Today.

Put on the 7 Pieces of the Armor of God

Put on the Armor of God – 7 Important Pieces

In today’s society, the concept of “wearing armor” doesn’t seem relevant to our lives. After all, we don’t see people running around with helmets, breastplates, swords, belts and shields. Paul used the analogy of the armor of God because the people of that time saw soldiers dressed in armor every day. Paul then exhorts us …

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Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

Faith Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

Fear can be a brief feeling or a prolonged struggle. It can be healthy or debilitating. Either way, it is something we need to understand how to overcome. We are meant to be ruled by God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be our Comforter and Guide as He walks alongside us, speaking what He hears from the Father. He fills and protects us. All these things are the opposite of what the enemy is tries to do to us. The enemy wants us to live in fear by robbing us of our peace but we are going to examine how to activate our faith and overcome fear.

8 Ways to Stay on God’s Path

Does the Bible say something about God’s Path? Yes, it does. What about staying on God’s path? The Bible has a lot to say about those God’s path, staying on the path, and pathways for life designed by God for each of us. There are Ancient Paths, paths that lead to destruction, paths that lead to life, crossroads where you must choose a path, wide paths and narrow ones. Let’s look at 8 Ways to Stay on God’s Path.