Inspiration For Life Today

In this fast-paced and sometimes confusing and disheartening world, we all need inspiration or – the breath of God and the Holy Spirit. We need it every day. As we are Inspired, we also need to be Empowered, have renewed Imagination, and be Encouraged.

Each one of those 4 words are important in our lives and they are the focus of Inspiration For Life Today.

Praying the Scriptures for Strength

Praying the Scriptures for Strength w/Free EBook

Praying the Scriptures brings power and strength into our lives. After all, we are speaking God’s own Words back to Him, to ourselves, and out into the universe. These examples of praying the scriptures in the free EBook below will give you a platform to then find your own verses that speak to you as …

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The Book of Exodus

The Book of Exodus

The primary theme of the Book of Exodus is the growing nation of Hebrews, Moses’ development and leadership, Israel’s deliverance and exodus from Egypt to Mount Sinai, the giving of God’s law, His instructions on building the tabernacle, ending with the completion of the tabernacle as a place for God to dwell with His people.

Find The Best Bible Translation For You In 2021

According to there are over 2,089 versions of the Bible in 1, 426 languages. Wikipedia states that there are more than 450 English translations of the Bible and BibleGateway has a list of over 50. With so many Bible translations available, how do you know which one to choose? In order to help find the best one for you, we will look at the types of translations, and provide some helpful ideas to guide you to the version or translations that is best for you.