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On this page you will find books I have written, as well as books I love and recommend. Hopefully, you will find some books for inspiration. Whether they are self-help, entertaining, or informative, First is a section for my books, then topical sections for books written by others. Hope you enjoy these books for inspiration.
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Books By Fleda Bennie

How to Win After Loss – Through many years of ministry, I have had the opportunity to experience wonderful wins following epic loss. I have seen and known firsthand that the Christian realm does not deal with loss easily—especially in any type of leadership position. I refer here to spiritual loss. Not just losing a battle, but losing vision, ministry, or position. Watching your dream and what you thought was God’s dream for you die; being helpless to change the outcome or the hurt; being helpless to explain why. This book is about winning after losing and doing it with dignity and in victory. That may sound impossible, but remember: in a kingdom where you have to die in order to live, you also have to lose in order to win!

The Gift of Christmas is a Tale of Redemption. The same chance that is extended to all of us by the God of love. John Campbell was lost, but he didn’t know it. Ten years ago, he walked away from his family, church, and God. Homeless and angry, John encounters the God who loves him no matter what. With the help of others who are willing love and forgive, John finds his way back.

The Bible has a lot to say about our hearts. Our God looks on the inside of us; He sees our hearts. His desire is for us to have a pure and clean heart, a heart that pursues him to apprehend His heart, just as David did. In A Heart After God, you will be given scripture, prayers, journaling prompts, and encouragement. As you read, pray, journal, complete the Positive Personal Inventory and take the Positive Personal steps, your heart will be renewed.

In the world of fantasy, belief in Jesus is seldom seen. Dead Fairy Tales takes you into a Colony of Fairies, Dwarfs, and Elves who love Jesus. Birdie, the main character, is a fifteen year old girl who grew up as a human only to learn she is an elf, so DFT is a wonderful book for preteens, teens, and young adults or anyone who enjoys fantasy. The Colony has rejected violence and discrimination, trying to live in a way that honors their God. At the same time, they encounter all the struggles we do. In a modern-day setting, they will inspire you, make you laugh, as you identify with their life-struggles.

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The saga of Dead Fairy Tales Continues! New and old characters continue to battle evil and find victory through faith and perseverance. Enter the world of the Bellrow Colony, joining Birdie in an epic adventure and transformation and get to know the new participants in the battle to defeat the enemy.