The Power of Journalin

The Power of Journaling

Many people keep diaries, writing in them sporadically. Others are prolific note-takers when they study the Bible and may even write their comments, conclusions, and impressions about what they’re studying. Others, who journal regularly, include the things God is saying to them and that they are learning through study. Journaling is a record of growth spiritually, personally, and in life.

What is Praise and What is Worship?

What is Praise and What is Worship?

Serving God with Praise and Worship might be familiar to those who attend church regularly. Praising God at church is customary as is praising Him in our daily lives. But, what is praise, and what is worship?

Many churches have a song service or worship service every time they meet. Most now use musical instruments of some kind as the congregation engages in praise and worship. But, what is the difference between praise and worship? And how do you praise and worship God in the way He desires?

How to Be An Enthusiastic Person

Have you ever met an enthusiastic person? You probably have and you might have found them to be irritating because you weren’t feeling very enthusiastic at the moment. We have a mistaken stereotype of what an enthusiastic person looks like so let’s look at How to Be an Enthusiastic Person without being irritating!

God's Gift of Creative Imagination

God’s Gift of Creative Imagination

How often do you consider the fact that you have a creative imagination? Well, probably not very often. But, maybe we should consider it and the role God intends for it to play in our lives. Much of what you will see online only gives the negative aspects of imagination, and, yes, our imagination can be used for evil. Our lives in general can be used for good or evil. A few verses, do not negate the fact of God’s Gift of Creative Imagination in our lives.

What is Encouragement?

What is Encouragement?

Encouragement seems like it would have a pretty straightforward meaning and it does. Yet, there is more to encouragement than just patting someone on the back, saying ‘good job,’ or giving out a thumbs up. All those are nice, but what is encouragement and what should it do for us and others?