5 Best Bible Study Apps for 2021

5 Best Bible Study Apps for 2021

Online Bible Study is very, very popular so, it helps to know what some of the best Bible Study apps are. Some apps allow you great flexibility through lots of choices with features like daily reading, long and short studies, group studies, and more. If you want in-depth study or short devotionals, you can find those also. Here are 5 Best Bible Study Apps for 2021.

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The point is, there is lots of help available so you can study the Bible in a way that fits you. The other great thing about these online Bible Study Apps, is that you can access them from anywhere – iPad, phone, laptop, desktop – and, you can use any computer and log in.

How Popular Are Online Bible Study Apps?

Here are some statistics for “You Version” in 2020:

  • 43.6 Billion Chapters read
  • 7.5 Billion Audio Chapters played
  • 1.4 billion Bible Plan days completed
  • The Bible App for Kids saw the app installed on more than 22 million unique devices, totaling more than 60 million worldwide, and, Kids from around the world have completed more than 170 million Bible App for Kids Stories.

Bible Gateway and You Version experienced similar jumps in searches. If you’re wondering about the popularity and usefulness of online apps, these figures should help you see the importance of the Best Bible Study apps for 2021.

All around the world, people can log in from anywhere to find comfort, answers, prayers, and tools to help them through life and be able to set up reminders and daily readings with all kinds of great study helps. Bible study apps are literally bringing the word of God to millions around the world.

Best Online Bible Study Tools

Which Bible Study tools might be important to you? Part of that decision depends on what you want. Do you want a topical devotional that sends your daily reading directly to you or just a reminder? If so, most of these will provide that for you.

Do you want to study a particular topic like love, patience, the armor of God, or something similar? If so, most of these apps will also do that for you.

What Are Some Tools You can Use to Study The BIble?

Your Own Bible

Perhaps you really want to dig into a subject, section or book of the Bible, some history, or a topic that’s more intensive. You might be in need of a Concordance, a Bible Dictionary, some Commentaries, a variety of Translations, Maps, or historical information.

It’s especially good to have your own Study Bible – one you can write in, highlight, and are not afraid to really use. If you don’t have one, you can still study the Bible online since most of the apps allow you to highlight and add notes! However, for me, nothing beats having the Word of God in my hands and making it my own by highlighting, and writing in it. You can find some suggestions for Study Bibles for Women or Study Bibles for Men.


The Bible Study apps featured here include a variety of Bible translations and some in various languages as well. For instance, BibleGateway.com includes Bibles in 73 languages excluding English and within these 73 languages there are multiple translations. In English, there are 61 translations.

I’m sure you’re asking, “Why so many?” I personally use at least 10 different translations to compare the conclusions of various translators. You can also read Bible Translations – Find the Best One For You – to learn more about why there are so many translations.


Commentaries can be very helpful in giving you ideas and varied points-of-view regarding the meaning of verses and sections of the Word. The key is to remember that these are simply the opinion of another person.

However, it’s also good to remember that most of these people are scholars who understand Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic, the languages the Bible was written in, and who consult with other scholars before rendering their opinion.

Bible Dictionaries

Sometimes, you may find you’d like to know what a particular word means and what it meant in its original language. Bible Dictionaries are wonderful study tools to answer these questions.

Audio Resources

If you’re not able to sit down and do your daily Bible reading, audio resources are awesome. You can choose the section of the Bible you want to hear and then hit Play. As you drive, do chores, or just sit outside enjoying the day, you can listen to the Bible in the translation you prefer.

if you try to buy all of these tools, it’s very expensive and this is another reason why apps are so popular. You might have to use more than one app, but they’re free.

What Are the Best BIble Study Apps for 2021?


This is one of my favorite bible study apps because of the way I like to study. As I said, I love to compare translations, reading new ones and old ones. BibleGateway.com offers more free translations and commentaries than most other apps. While there is a subscription offered, I’ve been using it for years and have never paid for anything. You can highlight and take notes for your own use. The App is free for Android or iPhone users and on most tablets and PC’s.

There is a separate Audio App and several Bible translations with audio capabilities. BibleGateway also has Devotionals, reading plans, a Daily Scripture reading option, and offers a subscription program with even more features. The website and app are wonderful for research and comparison allowing you to look at the same verse in multiple translations and more.


YouVersion offers a huge number of Bible Studies, both long and short, on various topics, sections of the Bible, and many by famous Christian authors. In my opinion, they’re the best at this. Their app is free and easy to use. They don’t offer quite as many Bible translations but do allow you to highlight and take notes as well as looking up the same verse in multiple translations.

YouVersion has a Kids section and studies for men, women, and teens. The site is easy to use and includes audio studies, the ability to create images to share on Facebook and other social media, and to study the same thing with your friends. The app is free.

5 Best Bible Study Apps for 2021


BlueLetterBible.org offers over 30 Bible translations along with Latin, Greek, Hebrew and a few other other languages. Some are free and others must be purchased. They have 45 Commentaries ranging from very old to newer that are in order by Author. They also offer audio and video commentaries, encyclopedias, dictionaries, Topical indexes, charts and maps, a free Bible course, media and devotionals, and a Hebrew/Greek Lexicon.

You can highlight in 7 different colors, underline and take notes with Cloud back up, and create your own notebook with your bookmarks, favorite verses, and highlighted verses. The app is free and easy to use.


I use BibleHub as part of my research for almost all of my blogs and Bible Studies. It doesn’t have the same features that BibleGateway or YouVersion have because it has a completely different purpose. It’s meant for study. Here’s a list of all the features in BibleHub.com:

  • Apocrypha – books included in the Septuagint and Vulgate but excluded from the Jewish and Protestant canons of the Old Testament, and early Christian writings not included in the New Testament – Merriam Webster Dictionary
  • Atlas
  • Over 40 Bibles – all free and in multiple languages
  • Commentaries
  • Concordances
  • Devotions
  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedia
  • Greek, Hebrew and Interlinear Texts
  • Library
  • Weights and Measures
  • Multilingual Bibles and Parallel Gospels
  • Reading Plans and Sermons
  • Greek and Hebrew Study Bibles
  • Strong’s Concordance
  • Timelines
  • Topical Bible

I usually use it on my laptop but the app seems to be very inclusive, easy to use and is free.


Bible.Is is primarily for listening. But, you can read, listen, or see in over 140 languages! The goal of Bible.Is is to make the Word of God available all around the world – to every tongue, tribe, and nation. By having audio access, those who cannot read can still have the Word in their lives. It’s a wonderful website and the audio is dramatized. The app is free and has everything you see below!

You can also:

  • Share verses
  • Create custom Plans and Playlists for personal or family use.
  • Let it detect the language your phone uses and automatically adjust the text or you can select your preferred language.
  • Look up keywords, verses, or book names.
  • Bookmark, highlight, and add notes for Scripture memorization and inspiration.
  • Watch Gospel films and see the life of Jesus come to life.


There are many more bible study apps but these are free for the most part. While they have some features that are paid, most of the functions are free. Others like Laridian Bible, E-Sword and Just 1 Word all require payment for features that are available for free on the sites above and that’s why I haven’t included them.

Sites for Women or Men

There are two Bible study apps that are specifically for women or men – She Reads Truth – for women – Live Bold for men. Live Bold is an app only so go to the app store for your phone and search. She Reads Truth has a website and an app. They are both free. There may be some paid elements in each one so be sure to research them thoroughly before you click on anything.

I hope these sites are helpful to you. This list is by no means inclusive of all the apps out there but, they’re some of the best Bible Study Apps for 2021 and any year with the added bonus of being free.

If you’re wondering how to get started studying the Bible, you can also read How to Study the Bible, and Free Printable Bible Study Guide for Beginners.

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