Month: August 2021

God's Gift of Creative Imagination

God’s Gift of Creative Imagination

How often do you consider the fact that you have a creative imagination? Well, probably not very often. But, maybe we should consider it and the role God intends for it to play in our lives. Much of what you will see online only gives the negative aspects of imagination, and, yes, our imagination can be used for evil. Our lives in general can be used for good or evil. A few verses, do not negate the fact of God’s Gift of Creative Imagination in our lives.

What is Encouragement?

What is Encouragement?

Encouragement seems like it would have a pretty straightforward meaning and it does. Yet, there is more to encouragement than just patting someone on the back, saying ‘good job,’ or giving out a thumbs up. All those are nice, but what is encouragement and what should it do for us and others?

Inspiration For Life Today

Inspiration for Life Today means many things. First, it means that inspiration is to be part of our daily life. Second, it means that we are meant to live inspired. Third, it means that we need today’s inspiration. Each day we need fresh inspiration from the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, others, and ourselves. We need inspiration for life today and every day.