Scriptures About Overcoming Fear

15 Scriptures About Overcoming Fear

Most of us have heard that the Word of God is powerful. We’ve read Hebrews 4:12 and agreed with what it says. However, have we ever put the power of the Word of God into action in our lives? Scriptures about overcoming fear will give you tools to hear, strengthen your faith over fear, and give you a strong foundation in the Wrod of God as you activate it in your daily life.

IIn Blog 4 of this series, there will be a link to a free booklet with all the Scriptures used in the blog and more for you to use. The booklet will provide an easy tool to pick up anytime and recite to yourself and the enemy. Our words have power. Meditate on these Scriptures about the Word, its power, and the power of your own words.

The word of God, you see, is alive and moving; sharper than a double-edged sword; piercing the divide between soul and spirit, joints and marrow; able to judge the thoughts and will of the heart. Hebrews 4:12 VOICE

 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17 NKJV

Faith is the assurance of things you have hoped for, the absolute conviction that there are realities you’ve never seen.
Hebrews 11:1 VOICE

So get rid of all the filth and evil in your lives, and humbly accept the word God has planted in your hearts, for it has the power to save your souls. James 1:21 NLT
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Those are just a few of the Scriptures showing us the power of God’s Words. Creation should be all the proof we need. After all, only God could speak, and the world came into being. The power of His Words has not ended. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and the power of His words has never changed. Therefore, as we speak His Words and Scriptures About Overcoming Fear, their power flows through us, changes us, and changes the atmosphere around us.

This is how we take control of our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs. But our foundation must be faith.

Speak Into Existence

Speaking things into existence is not magic. It is a spiritual exercise involving faith, thoughts, and emotions. I can’t speak, and a Cadillac appears in my garage. In regard to spiritual matters, however, I can speak my way into fear and depression or hope and peace. It’s up to me.

When you think about speaking into existence, think about David. He spoke his way out of sin! Look at Psalm 51. A prophet named Nathan, who served David, had confronted him about his sin with Bathsheba. David committed adultery and ordered a man’s death. Then he tried to act like nothing happened, but Nathan confronted him. What did David do? He went straight to God, confessing his sin and speaking God’s Word. He quoted God’s Words to himself and others, creating Scriptures About Overcoming Fear.

Isaiah 62:6 AMPC, says this, “ I have set watchmen upon your walls, O Jerusalem, who will never hold their peace day or night; you who [are His servants and by your prayers] put the Lord in remembrance [of His promises], keep not silence,” Here, Isaiah is telling the watchmen to speak and remind God of His own words and promises. When we pray using Scripture, that’s what we are doing. We are to speak and not hold our silence. When we do that, God hears, and so do we. We hear our own words spoken back into our spirit and soul. We make the Word alive inside ourselves; we speak God’s will into existence.

The Powerful Word of God

As we look at scriptures about overcoming fear, we realize that many of the same tools are used for overcoming sin. As we read the powerful word of God, we can also speak it aloud simultaneously. Read your Bible out loud. Pray out loud. Speak God’s truth into your life.

For though we walk (live) in the flesh, we are not carrying on our warfare according to the flesh and using mere human weapons.
For the weapons of our warfare are not physical [weapons of flesh and blood], but they are mighty before God for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds,
 [Inasmuch as we] refute arguments and theories and reasonings and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against the [true] knowledge of God; and we lead every thought and purpose away captive into the obedience of Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One), 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 AMPC
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No, this doesn’t address speaking, but it does address control. The weapons we use can overthrow and destroy the stronghold of fear, anxiety, depression, etc. If we “refute” arguments, could we do it using words? We lead our thoughts and purposes away as captives to the obedience of Christ. When Jesus fought the devil in the wilderness, He spoke the Words of the Father out loud to the defeated enemy.

One of the keys to overcoming fear is getting rid of condemnation. Our society is often critical, judgmental and condemning. Watching television makes it easy to feel that we don’t measure up. Maybe we don’t have the perfect family, or we don’t look like the happy, beautiful people on television. We condemn ourselves and accept condemnation from others. The enemy who wants to steal, kill and destroy uses condemnation as a primary weapon. He whispers lies into our ears.

What he whispers to us usually agrees with something we have believed and said about ourselves. Our negative thoughts have taken root and grown a tree of condemnation in our lives. But take a look at John 10:10 and Romans 8:1-2.

John 10:10 VOICE, The thief approaches with malicious intent, looking to steal, slaughter, and destroy; I came to give life with joy and abundance.
Romans 8:1-2 VOICE, Therefore, now no condemnation awaits those who are living in Jesus the Anointed, the Liberating King, because when you live in the Anointed One, Jesus, a new law takes effect. The law of the Spirit of life breathes into you and liberates you from the law of sin and death.
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The enemy wants to steal everything good from you. He wants to kill you. He wants to destroy a positive view of yourself, causing you to feel unworthy of being all God created you to be. But Jesus came to give life with joy and abundance. In addition, there is no longer any condemnation as you live in Jesus. You are set free from sin and death.

We are meant to take control over any and every thought that conflicts with the Word of God. Clearly, we are not meant to be harboring and living under the bondage of self-condemnation. As we fight fear, we must also take down the strongholds of condemnation in every part of our lives. We do this with the Word of God. Jesus defeated the devil with faith, truth, and the spoken Word, and the defeated enemy had to leave Him. This is our example.

Since we have been acquitted and made right through faith, we are able to experience true and lasting peace with God through our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, the Liberating King. Jesus leads us into a place of radical grace where we are able to celebrate the hope of experiencing God’s glory. And that’s not all. We also celebrate in seasons of suffering because we know that when we suffer we develop endurance, which shapes our characters. When our characters are refined, we learn what it means to hope and anticipate God’s goodness. And hope will never fail to satisfy our deepest need because the Holy Spirit that was given to us has flooded our hearts with God’s love. Romans 5:1-5 VOICE
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Read Romans 5:1-5 over and over until you believe it. We’ve been acquitted. There is no guilt or condemnation. Instead, there is true and lasting peace, radical grace, hope and anticipation. Hope will never fail to satisfy our most profound need. What incredible promises.

Whenever the voice of condemnation tries to return, quote this scripture. All this happens because of the Holy Spirit, who has flooded our hearts with God’s love.

Scriptures About Overcoming Fear

We all need occasional reassurance in our Christian walk. As you hear yourself speak the Word of God, you bring life to yourself and the world around you. As you hear others speak the Word, you receive assurance and strength. Remember, faith comes by hearing.

The third blog in this series will focus on the Armor of God. With it will come more scripture to help you learn to use the armor every day of your life, overcoming fear, putting the powerful Word of God to work, placing faith over fear, and speaking God’s power into existence in your life. Scriptures About Overcoming Fear combined with Overcoming the Spirit of Fear is meant to provide tools to help you on your journey in Christ, but that will only happen if you act on the Word and energize your faith.

Scriptures About Overcoming Fear

Make the Word Part of You

Read Psalm 119. Its focus is the greatness and wonder of the Word of God. As you read it, remember that the author didn’t have a Bible. People could hear Scripture read from scrolls by priests, and some could go into the temple and access the scrolls themselves. Psalm 119 extols the law! For the Israelites, the first five books of the Bible were their guide for life and were Words spoken directly from God to them. For them, the law was the Scriptures About Overcoming Fear.

Deep within me I have hidden Your word so that I will never sin against You. Psalm 119:11 VOICE

Your word is a lamp for my steps; it lights the path before me. Psalm 119:105 VOICE

When I discovered Your words, I ate them up: they were my great joy and my heart’s delight. I am Yours, and I bear the name of the Eternal God, Commander of heavenly armies. Jeremiah 15:16 VOICE

Jesus (quoting Deuteronomy): It is written, “Man does not live by bread alone. Rather, he lives on every word that comes from the mouth of the Eternal One.” Matthew 4:4

You see, everything written in the days of old was recorded to give us instructions for living. We find encouragement through the Scriptures and a call to perseverance that will produce hopeful living. Romans 15:4 VOICE
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We live by the life of the Word. Jesus was the Word of God given to humanity. Jesus then gave the Holy Spirit. The Bible, the inspired Word of God, should be our daily bread. It encourages us, and having a deep knowledge of the Word protects us from deception.

8 Steps of Action

In Blog 1, Faith Overcoming the Spirit of Fear, we saw the importance of our faith in defeating any fear that might come our way. If you have asked Jesus into your heart and given Him your life, you are saved and washed clean from sin. Heaven’s doors are now open, and the Holy Spirit dwells inside you. This is the beginning of a growing faith. You believed that Jesus was and is who He says He is and believed His blood was shed for your sins. This is faith. Jesus is the cornerstone upon which we build our lives and our faith. Now we see the importance of Scriptures about Overcoming Fear.

The devil comes to destroy faith and feed you fear. So, here are steps of action from Blog 1 and this Blog.

  1. Remind yourself that God has promised never to leave or forsake you.
  2. Recall the day you accepted Christ as your Savior. No matter how you feel, you are saved by grace.
  3. Remember the God is Omniscient (all knowing), Omnipresent (everywhere at once), and Omnipotent (all powerful). In Him you are strong.
  4. Read the Scriptures you’ve been given out loud.
  5. Remind yourself not to be led by emotions.
  6. You are an overcomer.
  7. Pray using the Word and your own words. Be honest with God about the good and the bad of how you feel and what you’re dealing with.
  8. Devour the Word of God daily.

As you do these things, you will find strength and peace flowing in. Listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit as He shares what God is speaking. The scripture below sums up how to overcome fear.

 Most of all, friends, always rejoice in the Lord! I never tire of saying it: Rejoice! Keep your gentle nature so that all people will know what it looks like to walk in His footsteps. The Lord is ever present with us. Don’t be anxious about things; instead, pray. Pray about everything. He longs to hear your requests, so talk to God about your needs and be thankful for what has come. And know that the peace of God (a peace that is beyond any and all of our human understanding) will stand watch over your hearts and minds in Jesus, the Anointed One.
Finally, brothers and sisters, fill your minds with beauty and truth. Meditate on whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is good, whatever is virtuous and praiseworthy. Keep to the script: whatever you learned and received and heard and saw in me—do it—and the God of peace will walk with you. Philippians 4:4-9 VOICE
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I pray that you will be built up in your faith and love for God as you put Scriptures About Overcoming Fear into action.

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