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8 Ways to Stay on God’s Path

Does the Bible say something about God’s Path? Yes, it does. What about staying on God’s path? The Bible has a lot to say about those God’s path, staying on the path, and pathways for life designed by God for each of us. There are Ancient Paths, paths that lead to destruction, paths that lead to life, crossroads where you must choose a path, wide paths and narrow ones. Let’s look at 8 Ways to Stay on God’s Path.

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Judges of the Old Testament

Those are the Judges of the Old Testament, but why do they matter? This wayward people are an example to us of the tendencies of mankind and the mercy of God, who constantly reaches out to give us protection and hope. The world today is much as it was in the time of the Judges as war, death, hatred, anger and unfaithfulness abound.

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Reasons Why We Celebrate Easter

4 Reasons Why We Celebrate Easter

As Christians, we often examine the various holidays and consider whether or not to participate in them. The origins of many holidays are questionable and so we investigate whether or not we believe we or our children should participate in the traditions associate with them. We are going to look at 4 Great Biblical Reasons to Celebrate Easter.

For most, Easter is definitely an event that is recognized by observing Lent, attending special services for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and/or Easter Sunday. Often, our questions about the holidays come down to the traditions like rabbits, eggs, egg hunts, and other things that seem to have very little to do with Easter and we question our own participation in those things.

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